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Found in the west of the island, our HQ is located in St. Ouen's countryside overlooking St. Ouen's Bay

St Ouens Mill (Scout Tower)

Our HQ, lovingly referred to as 'The Mill' is situated down a quiet country lane in St. Ouens. With spectacular views from the campsite area, it has facilities for both indoor and outdoor accommodation, a fully fitted commercial kitchen and campfire area.

The tower itself is used by the group exclusively however the adjacent hall and campsite area are able to be booked all year round.

From Scout groups to band practices the hall is suitable for a wide range of events, if you would like more information please contact us using the booking form.


Batterie Ludendorff Forward Observation Position

Situated in the centre of the site is a rather unusual looking building, the windmill tower dates to circa 1830s and is one of few surviving examples in Jersey of an important and distinct industrial building type. During the occupation of Jersey during WW2 the mill was converted into an Observation position.

One of the original doorways is blocked and the other fitted with a German steel blast door - an additional doorway inserted into the base of the tower in the 1940s, protected by concrete screen walls. The German works also pierced the upper part of the granite tower with observation slits and constructed an additional storey in reinforced concrete with further observation slits.

Internally the mill was lined with concrete and there was the addition of concrete stairs to some of the floors.

There were three Anti-Aircraft weapons (3.7c, Flak 37) and three 21 cm Mörser 18 guns in open emplacements. Some of the emplacements can still been seen today. The Batterie was manned by 130 soldiers.

For more information about the forward observation position and the batterie it served, please visit https://www.jerseybunkertours.com/batterie-ludendorff

Photo Credit: Jersey Wars Tours

Batterie Ludendorff Forward observation position

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